My guide to Ohiwa Harbour


I wanted to start 2021 with a guide to one of my favourite places Ohiwa Harbour - in between Ohope and Opotiki on the East coast of the North Island New Zealand.

For the last 10 years we have camped at my husbands family section on the spit of Ohiwa Harbour and honestly it is my happy place, its where we go to really get some down time. Mark is an active relaxer and my two boys 8 and 10 need a lot of running around, so i have put together some great family activities if you are exploring the area. (We are camping not glamping!)

If you are looking for somewhere to stay I have heard many great things about there is also a camp ground in Ohope beach and Opotiki.

Here's one of the amazing sunsets from my front door - I never tire of a beautiful sunset

Ohiwaa harbour

A great bike track, or you can walk is the motu trail.There are 3 sections and the boys have enjoyed the dune trails - even biked to get an ice cream at the campground half way, I walked it and spent time at Opotiki beach.

Motu trail maap of Motu trail flowers on track of motu trail

Tauranga bridge walk way about 20 mins drive from Opotiki

We have walked this track 3 times now and love it - it is around 2.5 hrs and not too challenging - there are a couple of stream crossings. We stop and have a freezing cold swim in the stream halfway! I enjoy the mix of scenery.

Tauranga bridge walkway 

Next to the Ohiwa campground is a lovely walk up to the pa and across to Bryans beach - When it is pitch black you can go up and see glow worms. This is a nice track as there is different distances and great views. 


Each year we visit the Hukutaia in Opotoki this year the kids found and hid some rocks :) If you love native plants this is a must do and is a nice sheltered area away from the sun.


If you would like some more ideas flick me a message.

Wondering what to take on your camping trip? after many attempts of failed packing here is my must haves (this is for Jan/Fen NZ weather)

Cottons shirts - wear over swimwear, over sleeveless dresses and with shorts and a great way to keep the sun off. My must have was our cotton lara shirt

Linen shorts/pants - Cool easy to wash and a quick dry!

A linen dress - I had the sleeveless lizzie dress

Swimwear and a hat! A couple of styles and a nice towel

Don't forget a casual outfit for the cooler nights - I love my ridgeline polar fleece, I wear the mens styles as i like the looser fit and they are great to sleep in if it is freezing. My kids have matching sets and so does my husband lol. I never really wear it in Auckland but camping it is a must have!!

What to pack for camping



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