Caring for your fabrics

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I wanted to start this seasons blog post with some information on caring for your garments. Over the years of working in retail I have found many people are not sure on the best way to care for different fabrics,  often garments say dryclean only when this is not always the only way.  When I test all the woodward garments I like to make sure i understand how the fabric is best looked after. 

Silk - Cold hand wash by a simple dunking with a very small amount of detergent (delicate) dry flat, to remove excess amount of water roll in towel and then lie flat.

Spot cleaning silk - do not do it! Wash the entire garment or take to the drycleaners.

A big do not with silk is soak, especially with harsh detergents.

* I would recommend dryclean only to any silks with a white base as sometimes they can bleed.

Cashmere - I would recommend the same dunking technique as silk and lying flat after removing excess amount of water with a towel.  I also think it is a great idea to dryclean every 3/4 washes.  It is a good idea to invest in a small wool comb as any soft wool including cashmere does tend to pill and will need a groom.

Merino - Cold delicate wool wash lie flat after removing excess water with a towel.

Cotton - Cotton especially fine cotton can easily lose its shape, I put mine in a delicate cold wash in a lingerie bag I reshape and lie flat making sure not to stretch the garment.

Denim - Always wash denim cold wash separately inside out, also dry in the shade. If your denim has stretch in it resist the urge to use a dryer as this breaks down the lycra which will lead to saggy jeans.

Prints - Cold delicate wash, and lie flat.  When storing the garment try to not fold the print.  If you do get a crease in the print try a cool iron on the back of the fabric.  When using perfumes/hair sprays keep away from the print.  If you do spill anything on the print make sure you wipe off asap with a damp cloth.


I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.  If there is a fabric you would like advise on?  Let me know!

 The silk square in black.


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